Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates

What is a commercial real estate loan? Commercial real estate loans are loans that are usually used to purchase and/or renovate a property that is NOT an owner-occupied commercial property. A property is considered an owner-occupied commercial property if the tenant takes up at least 51% of the space.   What are the different…


Investing in Hard Money Loans

Why would I need a hard money loan? Because of their higher interest rates and shorter loan terms, hard money loans can sometimes seem unappealing or even downright scary! There are many situations, however, in which hard money loans are your best bet. One business sector in which hard money loans have a distinct…


Hard Money Loans

What is a hard money loan? Simply stated, a hard money loan is a short-term loan secured by real estate. This type of private money loan is very popular in the real estate sector. Because the money comes from private investors, you often do not have to meet the stringent qualifications required by credit…

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