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We are connected to hundreds of private lenders all around the country. We take your loan request and automatically check it against their borrower parameters to quickly find you a willing lender!

Verified Lenders

The private money industry is very fragmented and full of lenders who cannot perform. CREFi looks at lender track records so you don’t have to! Stop wasting trying to call everyone, our software will do that for you!

Great Loan Terms

Getting money quickly through a traditional bank can be impossible for riskier real estate ventures. But as a borrower on CREFi, you can find lenders who will compete for your business and offer you better rates and terms!

Apply in seconds

It only takes a few pieces of information to get started. Instead of submitting your information repeatedly to countless lenders, CREFi matches you with the best lenders for your project instantly.

How does CREFi work?


Fill out the quick questionnaire

All we need are your loan details.


Our proprietary system will instantly match your loan request against the borrower parameters in our lender database

We are connected with hundreds of lenders across the country.


You will be contacted by interested lenders – sometimes in less than 24 hours!

Don’t beg for money – let the money come to you! We will pass on your contact information to interested lenders, who will contact you to discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! CREFi only passes on your contact information to our verified lenders. Lenders provide their criteria that is matched with the information you provide. This way only relevant parties are involved.

How will I know if I'm approved?

Interested lender/s will contact you using the details that you provided. The lenders that contact you will already be interested in your project because of the information provided. This saves everyone time!

How much is the application fee?

This depends on the lender that you choose. Some may deduct this fee from your total approved loan. Each lender has different requirements, but using CREFi will allow you to compare quotes and save.

What is the interest rate?

Our partner lenders may have different interest rates. But what's good about CREFi is that lenders will compete against each other so you can get the lowest rate possible for your project!

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